Innovation Jam

4 – 6 June 2019

Building on the success of previous Hacking Health events, the Innovation Jam was hosted at the 2019 eHealth Expo.

The three-day event brought together a variety of bright and diverse thinkers to shine a light on key problems and opportunities in healthcare. Researchers, students, startups and corporates worked with healthcare professionals to come up with innovative solutions and initiatives.

At the end of the Innovation Jam – a partnership between eHealth Queensland and Hacking Health Queensland – participants pitched their ideas and designs on the expo's main stage.

Winner of ‘best idea’ awarded by the Judges

Referral AI – Referral Machine Learning

How might we achieve timely categorisation of patient referrals using AI?

Gold Coast University Hospital receives 15,000 referrals per month which can take up to a month to process. Building on the advances from Smart referrals and electronic messaging, referral categorisation can become faster while maintaining consistency using artificial intelligence.

Referral AI is an augmented referral processing solution which will read, triage and categorise referrals based on current clinically agreed clinical practice criteria. This could considerably diminish the waiting time for patients between GP referral and receiving an appointment, as well as improve productivity around referral management in Hospitals, and potentially redirect up to 40EFT across Queensland per year to higher duties.

Referral AI – Referral Machine Learning

Winner Oracle prize awarded by the Judges

MedASSIST – Cross-match Medication

How do we increase the speed with which pharmacy staff can cross match medication lists and information between disparate sources?

Hospital inpatients are not always able to communicate their medication regime and so hospital pharmacists must piece together paper-based information from the myHealth Record, GPs and community pharmacies get a full picture.

A patient facing platform and a clinician portal that uses a unique QR code to provide pharmacy information between the patient and the hospital. The platform will save time by commencing the reconciliation process for the pharmacists.

MedASSIST – Cross-match Medication

Winner QUT prize awarded by the Judges

Team Drone

How might we use unmanned aerial devices (drones) in Queensland Health to improve health services?

A 2017 estimate suggests that Asthma is responsible for 11 000 admissions in Queensland per year with a cost of between $450 for a simple admission up to $5000 for a complicated one. Importantly asthma affects the quality of life of 1 in 9 people.

A drone supports the First Responder service by providing an advance supply of an asthma puffer and may be able to get too difficult places faster – or overcome traffic conditions, re-route ambulances, minimise an ED admission and facilitate a faster recovery.

Team Drone

Winner QUT prize awarded by the Judges

E-merge-D – ED workflow

How might we improve patient flow in emergency departments to improve the patient journey?

After treatment, patients are waiting in the emergency department unnecessarily, while medical professional wait for updates on tests and results. There is no way to tell if a patients journey has stalled and we estimate there is a at least 30 mintues of extra waiting for each patient, per ED admission.

E-merge-D is a platform that uses real time tracking and data aggregation from several existing systems to higlight the moment a patients journey stalls and empowering clincians to act when it does.

E-merge-D – ED workflow

Watch all the teams pitch their ideas on stage at the 2019 eHealth Expo

Innovation Jam problems

At the Jam, Problem Owners guided their teams find innovative solutions to the following problems.

P1: How might we apply the concepts of the circular economy which aims to retain or renew as much value as possible of products, parts and materials, in hospitals and healthcare?

P2: How do we use machine learning to improve patient outcomes?

P3: How might we address the social isolation that is associated with dementia, disability or hospitalisation?

P4: How do we increase the speed with which pharmacy staff can cross match medication lists and information between disparate sources?

P5: How can we use readily and cheaply available consumer wearable devices to monitor patient from home in a way that is viable for patients, carers and healthcare professionals?

P6: How might we make it easier for food service businesses, consumers and regulators to seek or enforce food safety though a customer-centric digital solution?

P7: How might we improve the resourcing of distraction equipment available for use in the treatment room in regional Paediatric Units?

P8: How might we use unmanned aerial devices in Queensland Health to improve health services?

P9: How might we implement a new process (algorithm, tests, referrals) for falling patients in the ED in a way that reduces workload and provides fun feedback loops to encourage uptake from staff?

P10: How might we reduce the burden associated with inmates leaving a correctional facility for health service access?

P11: How might we use data to improve medical imaging services and assure the safe use of radiation?

P12: How might we make it easier to match addresses to geo-locations to improve reporting patient outcomes?

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