Our previous two Queensland Health eHealth Expos have had amazing programs with international and industry-leading speakers, but this year’s is looking pretty special. The 2018 expo program is shaping up to be the best yet with an amazing mix of clinical innovators, industry experts, inspiring speakers and examples of stunning digital health successes.
With six breakout sessions, three in the morning and three in the afternoon, this year’s expo blows our previous two out of the water in terms of the depth and range of topics covered.

You’ll have a huge choice of subjects to choose from including:

  • artificial intelligence and augmented reality
  • wearables to thinkables – mobile system for epileptic seizure predictions
  • healthcare robotics
  • virtual reality in healthcare
  • analytics and the transformation of health
  • the App revolution
  • prescribing apps – the opportunities and challenges.

And that’s just a selection of topics from the morning!

Our full program will be announced soon – watch this space.